Rochester, NY Has Videos to Offer Everyone, Big and Small

Videos rochester

The videos Rochester NY has to offer are varied and eclectic. They can be professional, hobbyist, student or even amateur made. These Rochester NY videos can be found all over the internet, most of which are through YouTube. In fact, YouTube will be the most comprehensive collection of Rochester videos to view. So let us check those out, shall we?

Upon going to YouTube and typing Rochester, NY into the search bar, it took .25 seconds to produce 952,000 results. See, told you there were a lot. On the first page alone I count three separate videos about the newest Spider Man moving being filmed here. So let us address that elephant in the room. The filming began on April 30th, lasting until May 9th. The streets were closed from 5:30am to 9pm. Yes, it caused traffic backup and delays. Was it worth it? I sure hope so. I am sure the city got a decent chunk of money for it, but it sure does not feel like it was any lasting publicity. Here it is, two months later, and everyone has forgotten about it already. And it is not like the people in Syracuse, NY are going to be watching the movie and say “Oh! That is Rochester!” No one cares but Rochester. Not bitter. Just cynical.

Another of the Rochester NY videos offered on YouTube is one entitled the Blizzard of 66. It is just a video recording of a news report from 2006, two goofy news reporters talking about this monster snowstorm that came in 40 years ago that night. It is neat history to see, but how necessary was that to post on the internet? But, that is the point of the internet!

I just tried to get to the last page of results (it is 952,000 pages, by the way, not just results. Multiply that by 10 Rochester NY videos per page to get the total number of videos) and realized how futile that was unless I wanted to invest hours. And I don’t. But, breaking news for Rochester NY videos on page 51 of the results. From 23, 2009, Popeye’s Runs out of Chicken in Rochester, NY. That is right. A news report of Popeye’s chicken deal backfiring and they actually sold out of chicken. The highlight, when that clever news lady said the customers were clucking their disapproval. Get it? Clucking! Man, local news really is terrible.

Regardless, for a variety of snippets representing Rochester, look to the internet to see your fair share!