Three Things to Consider when Shooting Videos in Rochester NY

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The Flour City has a ton to offer its residents. The city has countless great restaurants, a wide selection of unique festivals, and an incredible music scene. Maybe you want to show your experiences in Rochester NY off to the world on popular video hosting sites like YouTube. If you are looking to add your content to the more than 100 hours of video added to YouTube per minute, following these tips is a great way to capture that content in an entertaining, legal way.

1. Have a Presence at All Major Events

Rochester is known for its variety of festivals and city wide events. As a maker of Rochester videos, you should be in the thick of the action. Let festival attendees know that you are looking to be the number one provider of videos Rochester has to offer. More likely than not, when they find out you are looking to promote the local economy and local reputation through your channel they will be thrilled to help out. Plus, many musicians, restaurateurs, and artists will let you interview them for their own press exposure. You can create many mutually beneficial relationships this way.

2. Privacy Laws

In order to avoid trouble with the law you should consider New York State digital privacy laws. For example, according to the Digital Media Law Project, recording a private phone conversation without consent while you are walking around the downtown area is strictly prohibited by New York’s “one party” consent law. Whenever you are video recording people in public it is a good idea to have your subjects sign a waiver saying that they allow you to use the footage of them. This way if they see they are in your Rochester NY videos and do not like what they see it will be more difficult for them to take action against you.

3. Shoot to Your Audience

Who is it you are targeting with your videos? Are you looking to retain a local only audience or are you hoping others will be interested in Rochester? As with any piece, written or otherwise, that you hope to put in front of an audience your videos need to speak to those people. With videos Rochester fans will be looking for topics, places, and events that they are interested in. Engage them! Excite them! You will absolutely need to give them what they want if you hope to succeed.

Anybody can make videos Rochester residents may accidentally view online. By using these three tips you can make quality videos that will actually draw fans of the Flour City to them. Keep these things in mind and you can succeed!