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There is always something to see in Rochester. So many fairs and festivals, so many music events, so many art exhibits and photography shows. Even just a walk down the street can provide excitement and adventure. But with so much to see and do, it can be impossible to catch it all.

But thanks to our good friend, the Internet, after spending the day seeing all we can see, we can retire to the comforts of our homes and catch up on what we might have missed by searching the ever ample selection of Rochester NY videos people post online. Whether from professionals, amateurs, or some guy with a camera on his phone, Rochester videos are never in short supply.

Catch backstage interviews with everyone from RPO members to rock legends on tour. Be present for every peak day of the Lilac Festival. Check out all the Spiderman sightings from the latest bout of filming on Main Street and Gibbs. Peruse a host of local music performances by Eastman students, indie bands, University of Rochester ensembles, and even street musicians. Or sample any of the professional videos Rochester videographers and photographers regularly post on sites all over the web.

Use Rochester NY videos to entice your friends and family to visit our fair city. Capture the skyline from the Ford Street Bridge. Savor the rushing roar of the High Falls. See the endless horizon of Lake Ontario. Or watch them light the Liberty Pole during the holidays.

Whatever your reason for watching, Rochester NY videos are sure to please. Whether you take a virtual romp through the Forest in the City or a walking tour of the grounds of the George Eastman house, be sure to share your favorite videos with your friends, and celebrate the many things, big and small, that make our town so great.