How to Spot a Scam Auto Body Shop

Scam body shops use underhanded practices to drive up bills. Avoid these places by following the tips recommended by this video.

Never Let the Tow Truck Driver Decide Where to Go

Tow truck drivers get paid by auto body repair places for bringing vehicles to their shops. They recommend anyone that pays them as opposed to places that will do the best professional job repairing cars. Pick a body shop now, before an accident happens.

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Tow To Your House

If a certified body shop is not chosen before a wreck, get the damaged car towed to the car owner’s home. Then a body shop can be chosen. This will cost two tows instead of one but ensures that the car never enters a scam body shop.

Does the Body Shop Have a Paint Booth?

Accidents often require painting. This should not be done out in the open because fresh paint attracts hair, dust, and insects. The best body shops have paint booths that are hermetically sealed and humidity-controlled.

Check the Presence of Wrecked Cars

All body shops will have wrecked cars in their lots. Note what cars are there. Come back in a few weeks and if the same cars are still there, find another shop.