How to Find Jobs in Rochester New York

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Did you know that about 61% of Americans, even those who are already employed, are open to the idea of taking a new job? If you are looking for employment Rochester NY has a lot going for it. A low cost of living, an active city, rural outskirts, and great education opportunities make Rochester a smart place to settle. Whether you need a job in Rochester video production, or insurance sales, your Rochester job search will go more smoothly if you try one of these three tactics.

Rochester Classified Ads

You can start your Rochester job search the way that most people do, by checking Rochester NY classifieds. Whether you prefer to look online or in a newspaper, you have several options. Craigslist is a common posting place for new jobs, but the Democrat and Chronicle as well as the local Pennysaver might also have listings that are relevant to your search. Make it a point to check classifieds the day that they are updated or released so that you can send applications or make inquiries before most of the competition.


Another tactic involves making a list of companies that you think would be good to work for. If you are new to Rochester this can be a little difficult, since you will not know which companies have headquarters here, but you can use Rochester Business Journal lists, or other directories, to get an idea of potential employers. Once you have a list, check their websites on a semi-regular basis to find new job openings.

Word of Mouth and Social Networking

Another option simply involves enlisting others to help with your Rochester job search. It is important not to underestimate the power of having a foot in the door. The first step is to make friends, and ask around. You never know who might be able to recommend a good job opening, or help you to get an interview! Social networking is also a valuable tool. Did you know that one in six Americans found their last job through social networking? About 44% did so via Facebook, and 26% via LinkedIn. In fact, one in five employers uses social networking to find candidates.

The best tip that most people offer to job seekers is to never give up looking, and diversify your sources. You can check classified ads, company websites, social networks, and ask your friends. The more you look, the more you will find, and the sooner you will obtain that job you hoped for.