Why Eye Glass Companies Charge So Much for Prescription Lenses – Compare Net Price

us eye glass companies to stop them from utilizing their market control.
Prescription eyewear is the single largest mass-market consumer rip off. People end up paying the markup for spectacles that aren’t worth it in the slightest, and with steep price tags that do not reflect the reality.

It would be a good idea to agree If you owned glasses you paid thousands for new frames and lenses. A lot of people have voiced concerns about the price while some suggest it’s best to include this expense in all healthcare costs. It will allow patients to get the corrective lenses they urgently require.

The eyeglass industry is constantly fighting for market share, with frames and lenses that are available at a variety of quality and prices. Price is a reflection of how much technology has advanced into making today’s glasses.

The high price of frames reflects a market that lacks real competition. The market is one that offers business opportunities, but many are still uninterested in joining the business. Lenses are, on the other hand, is a key component of vision correction which is why they should be available to all. 1p4cu5j422.