Why Diversity and Inclusion Are Relevant in the Workplace

If you run a business in Rochester, you may be looking for ways to improve the diversity and inclusion of your workplace. However, even among the most well-intentioned employees, you may overhear grumblings from them about it’s necessary and relevant to their work. In order to overcome the question from them about this type of workplace diversity training is important, you first need to understand it for yourself. This should be something you actively want to improve on and not just as a means to ticking off a box.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn how to answer this type of question that employees might post to you.

The video starts out by suggesting you practice empathy for the people who don’t understand why workplace diversity is important. It will then explain that inclusion is what builds culture and innovation that does affect everyone on the job. It’s what builds on the value of people and creates benefits for all people involved as a result. That means better work and performance.