What is Underwater Welding? –

The tructure is situated near the beach. Workers arrive at the office every day, and work for the eight-hour work day, like everybody else.

The work environment for offshore welders is much more fluid. You may see them in large vessels or on oil platforms. These workers often work longer hours than those who do not and some may work more than 80 hours per week.

There are risks associated with diving that are common for drowning, decompression illness, and hypothermia. Differential pressure risks, also called DP, can create huge amounts of force that trap divers beneath the sea.

The hydrogen and oxygen molecules present in water are separated when welding under water. If the proportion of oxygen and hydrogen changes, it can lead to an explosion. Welders are also susceptible to electrocution. This is why welders often work inside dry containers to conduct welding.

The dangers of welding underwater could make you wonder why anybody would want to take on the field. The reason is that the underwater welding industry is highly compensated. For more details watch the video to the link below.