What Color Should I Paint My Garage Door A Complete Guide


The e value is its selling price. The two colors above are fantastic since they are able to be utilized to create a wide range of colors.

Black Garage Doors – To create striking contrast with homes with gray or white walls, choose black.

White – If your goal is to have our garage doors to be a part of the white walls of your house, white with white can give you that unicolor style. White is a striking contrast when paired with a grey home, giving your home an elegant look.

Blue and green are good choices for a white home. Red, orange and yellow can result in cooler temperatures. Brown is an excellent choice if you are looking for a middle ground. When picking a warm color make sure not to choose a color that is too bright for your house, particularly if it is white. Imagine the complete picture. The garage doors in yellow and orange and an attractive outdoor landscape make a beautiful flowering image.

When you have a gray house there is still a pick of the litter. A grey exterior will work perfectly with all colors, which includes red, blue brown, and green. Always think about the entire picture. Doors with red hues will be more cozy when paired with gray siding. Green doors will be more adventurous. You do however want to be careful with brown. Brown shades that are too similar to the house will create an appearance of muddy and washed out.

Trimming, The Field and Accent

If you’re wondering which color to paint the garage door, there are three primary colors for homes. The field is the primary hue that is used to cover the bulk of the body of your home. The trim includes the blinds, door trims window trims, corner boards, Soffits under the roof and the fascia , which forms the roof’s edge. The primary color that is used is the wow factor . It’s what attracts people to your home. Good places to emphasize hues are the front door frame, windows and shutters.

You could match your garage door’s primary color the secondary color if aren’t sure.