Using Hose Clamps With PEX Piping

Rochester is known for its beautiful summers and sometimes harsh winters. Since this city experiences all four seasons, it is important to take care of the parts of houses that are exposed to the outside elements. When it comes to plumbing, pipes are often routed underground or outside, which means they need to be installed properly to withstand the Rochester environment. In this video, you will learn about hose clamps for plumbing problems. Specifically, you will learn whether you can use hose clamps with PEX water pipes.

Video Source

As the video explains, PEX pipes are better suited for indoor use. Copper pipes can better withstand the elements of the outdoors. However, can PEX pipes use the hose clamps that are more designed for copper pipes? As the video will detail, the short answer is no because there are a lot of things that can go wrong. It is better to stick with the clamps that are designed for that particular use. Therefore, it’s also worth noting that sticking to hose clamps on your outdoor copper pipes is also the way to go. Don’t mix and match these two types of tools.