Tips for Healing After Wisdom Teeth Removal – Prevent Tooth Decay

Oval is something everybody has to endure However, there are methods for getting yourself healed and back to normal activities sooner rather than later. Continue reading for ways to heal after wisdom teeth removal.

When your wisdom teeth have been removed, it is possible to bite down on a gauze for 30 to 60 minutes. The gauze will stop bleeding. It will trigger your mouth to create a great deal of saliva. The saliva can then change color due to the mix of blood. You should be aware that you aren’t bleeding any more. The procedure can continue until you stop bleeding.

Also, do not spit or chew through straws. The result is bleeding, and delay healing at the place of the extraction. Drink the juice or drink water straight from a glass for at least three days.

One thing to avoid is smoking or using tobacco within 24 hours of the surgery. Its sucking effect is like drinking from straws, which can break your blood clot causing more bleeding.

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