Rochester Videos Best Resource for Tourists

Videos rochester ny

There are many Rochester videos on YouTube that were put there by residents and by people who are just enthusiastic about certain parts of Rochester. One of the best Rochester videos for people who are new to the city, or are visiting is video rochester parents made showcasing the 60 locations around Rochester that make Rochester one of the best cities for raising kids. If you do not have children, do not think that this makes the Rochester video any less valuable, many of the parks and landmarks that the parents focus on are good for people of any age.

For students thinking about coming to Rochester to attend one of the many colleges and universities, there is a Rochester video produced by the University of Rochester to reach out to potential students. The video features a University of Rochester a capella group doing a surprisingly good rap about the University. The Rochester videos unofficially affiliated with the University are good too, with students trying to do the Gangnam Style dance in front of the Rush Rhees Library. The music scene is also well represented, with many jazz and big band performances featured prominently online.

This If you have an idea for other great Rochester ny videos, feel free to make it and put it online. Whether you want to show people your favorite landmarks, take viewers on a video review of your favorite restaurants, or want to make a video tour of Mt. Hope Cemetery. Doing a web search for Rochester videos did not bring up a lot of tourism videos, so you would be doing the city a service by sharing what you love about the city in your own Rochester videos. Besides, people are much more interested in seeing what the ordinary residents love about a place, than seeing what the tourism board wants them to know about. Maybe, if you make good enough videos Rochester NY will follow in Springfield, MAs footsteps and hire you to bring tourists to the city.