Oil Change 101 Never Pay A Mechanic Again – Car Talk Credits

change. Intimidated? Don’t be. If you have a bit of time along with elbow grease a DIY oil change is sure to get your vehicle back the point it should be.

In older vehicles, conventional motor oil was still used. Nowadays, cars need synthetic oil. It is less heavy than conventional oils. You will also need an oil filter, but preferably one with more pleats, which will allow it to hold more dirt and be more efficient in filtering.

For determining when your specific car needs to have its oil changed, it’s suggested to speak with your vehicle’s manufacturer. Toyota’s latest models must change their oil at least once every 10,000 miles, which is every year at a minimum.

Using a car jack that can be used to lift your car will allow you to reach underneath the car in order for changing the oil. The car will require a large pan to collect the oil. Once all of the oil has been released, it is time to take the oil filter and replace it. You must ensure that you have the correct amount of oil for your car before pouring it in. Do not put excessive oil into your car and cause damage. 9g5us41ecw.