Maintain the Integrity of Your Automobiles Windows

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As we leave old man winter behind and delve into spring, roadway hazards still exist. Instead of slush and ice that sprays onto our windshield, April showers will soon be pelting our views, and reinforcing the need for proper auto glass care and treatment. Regardless of your auto insurance glass policy, certain glass treatments can protect your windshield from these hazards, too.

One such protection is known as Aquapel glass treatment. When a windshield is treated with these materials, rain water literally beads up and rolls off your windshield. Treatments to your autos Rochester windows also make it easier to clear ice, dirt, and bug from the glass. Window tinting Rochester NY treatments add comfort, too. A protective film on Rochester windows can reject nearly 80 percent of solar energy, keeping your cars interior cooler and more comfortable.

Window treatments can also be used on your homes Rochester windows, too. It can prevent the build up of soap scum in your shower, and even protect precious heat from escaping inefficient windows. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, inefficient Rochester windows are responsible for more than a quarter of your homes energy costs. To get even more bang for your Rochester windows buck, consider installing double pane windows. These not only cut down on outside noise, but help contain your homes heat. Considering that there is approximately $30 billion worth of wasted energy expelled from ineffectual windows, the cost benefit ratio for an investment on your Rochester windows is an easy choice.