How Do Dentists Treat Cavities? – Dentist Offices

The truth is that there’s a lot going on while the dentist is helping you get an improved smile. This is what happens while your dentist is filling your dental cavities.

The dentist will then apply local anesthetic to the filling. This will usually come in the form of A gel which your dentist will apply to the swab of a cotton ball and later placed in your mouth directly on the gums over the tooth in question. Once the gel is cooled for several minutes you will be required to inject another anesthetic, usually the novocaine.

Once you’ve been treated, your dentist will start to eliminate the decay. This involves making into the tooth, and then scraping any decayed matter from within. Once all decay has been removed from your tooth, it’ll be the time to seal it. They are usually not distinct from your actual tooth. After the filling cures the filling will then be filed to match your original tooth form.