How a Septic Tank is Cleaned – CEXC

These systems are utilized on property that aren’t connected to an existing plumbing line that is maintained by the city. Just like normal plumbing and septic tanks, they must be kept in good condition to avoid difficulties. The video below shows the deep cleaning of the septic tank in order to prevent flooding.

Septic tanks must be thoroughly cleaned each 3 to 5 years on average. If you find that people flushing substances that aren’t supposed to and the tank is not being cleaned, it may need to be cleaned more quickly. Baby wipes, for instance, which are flushable aren’t allowed to be flushed unless you are connected to your main sewer in the city. They’re not biodegradable, and remain in the septic tank, building up over timeand leading to blockages.

The very first thing for a septic tank cleanser to find is the tank. They’ll search until they find it and then dig up the yard for access. The lid on the septic tank will be opened and the remaining solid waste is removed using a three-pronged or suction hose. The wastewater is then completely taken out and the tank clean using a hose.

You can find more details in the video below.