Do It Yourself at Home Pest Control – Home Efficiency Tips

ot or Lowe’s.

The outside and the inside of your residence should be taken care of. You also need to pay attention to the garage and cracks, crevicesand the lawn. Ortho Home Defense is the very first item to purchase from your neighborhood Lowe’s or Home Depot. It is comprised of bifenthrin and is safe to use in the home for longer than 12 months. On the outside the product will last for three weeks. You will be required to apply it on the exterior perimeter more often rather than inside. Another item you’ll need is called Diatomaceous Earth, its dust-like application is designed to help with the spaces and crevices within the house. The third product you will require are basic glue boards that you can stick in your garage to monitor and track every activity that attempts to penetrate your home. The last product you will require is a garden treatment that will help get rid of ants, the ticks and fleas as well as other intruders. Andro Quick Kill is our most popular yard care.

Pest control at home is simple, and can give you the security you need. These at-home products are easily available and can be used in any home.