Debunking Common Dental Implant Myths – Good DentistsGood Dentists

getting dental implants. Implants are the exact replicas of the natural tooth’s functions and look.

There are a lot of questions you may have regarding dental implants. Implants are a long-lasting, screw-like device that’s placed inside the jawbone. Abutments attach a crown to the implant. It is designed to fit the shade and look of the tooth it is replacing.

Your prosthodontist can advise you about the best medication to use for the treatment of your dental implants.

You may wonder what living with dental implants. The patient will need to eat food that is soft for a couple of days after the surgery. In a short time, you’ll feel normal as the implant looks and feels like a real tooth. Additionally, your level of confidence will rise.

Dentures are another option for replacement of missing teeth. It is recommended that your dentist also consider the possibility of oral surgery to replace dentures. If you’re contemplating replacing the missing teeth of yours, take a look over the different options and choose the one suggested by your dentist.