Check Engine Light On? Heres What To Do – Car Talk Podcast

The malfunction indicator lamp can also be referred to as the “misfunction indicator lamp” and lights up to alert drivers of the presence of an emission issue. When the light comes on, it stores the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) in the computer of the engine. A mechanic uses the DTC to determine the cause of the problem and to help them figure out how to fix the problem.

If the check engine light comes up solely due to an emission issue then you’ll be able to drive your car with no issues. This light indicates that there is no issue with the vehicle.

In some instances, the check engine light is in the process of turning off, and you will notice your car is driving poorly and has low power. When this happens, the car goes into low power mode or “Limp Mode” because it is not equipped with sufficient data to run the engine effectively. The check engine light could be a sign that the remote start device has stopped functioning.

If the check engine indicator blinks, you’re damaging your catalytic converter, which is why you must stop and shut down your vehicle as soon as possible. It’s best to get an emergency towing service in order to protect it from a breakdown and ensure that the catalytic converter is working for a long time! vowpbax55r.