Are Private School Students Better Off?

In this video, the two avenues to getting an education, private and public schools, are looked at side by side to get answers to which one sets a student up to better succeed. After an explanation that private schools are independent schools funded by tuition and public schools are funded by the government, the video gives compelling statistics on the number of private schools that exist in the USA, with the number of teachers and students in that sector.

Video Source

The teacher to student ratios in both private and public schools are given and parents with young kids may be wondering, “Is there a public or private kindergarten near me, which one do I choose?” Well, you would need to do research and think about the environment you would like your child to grow up in.

The video states that public schools have more diversity in race than private schools, but private schools have a higher pass rate than public schools.

Being born in wealth or not are factors mentioned in the video that are worth considering and the fact that there are well-off people who have gone to either a private or public school.