8 Steps to Test a Broken Water Heater – Reference Video.net

In order to check the condition of the water heater make sure you turn off its breaker. To protect yourself from electric shock. Take off the covers near the reset switch and then press the red reset button. It should sound like a click’. You can use a voltage tester to check the temperature of the thermostat. Examine the connection between thermostat and the elements. The thermostat should be the goal of both of the upper and lower elements, it ought to have an ohms reading of that is between 12-13 Ohms.

If the wire is still spinning, you need to replace the lower and upper thermostats. While you are there, check for burn areas or water leaks around the heater. This could indicate serious troubles. Examine the voltage using a turn the switch. Set the thermostats to upper to 120 and lower to 122(slightly higher).

You are able to always change all elements if one of them is faulty. Your water heater will be running again after having finished the actions. If the procedure doesn’t work, it never hurts to consult a local professional to see what their expertise could offer.